How to set up a website that automatically updates with fresh content, using FeedWelder

Here is an example of a web page that is continually updated with fresh content, using FeedWelder to blend feeds.

Best Apps for Academics is a site I created that recommends the best mobile apps for students and professors.

Best Apps for Academics

On the “Keeping Up” page, you’ll see a continually updated stream of fresh news stories from four blogs that were selected with appropriate content.

Keeping up page

To create this, I entered each feed from those four blogs into the FeedWelder mix form.

FeedWelder's new mix form

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Next, I adjusted a few settings, to control the display. I set it to display 30 stories, with no more than 300 characters in each description.

Customize mix form.

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Then I set it to sort by date with the newest items first, and to open links in a new window. I also kept the default setting to “filter items with duplicate URLs.” This is handy when you’re blending feeds from different categories within the same blog, because some stories might appear in more than one category.

More ways to customize the mix.

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I then selected a theme called “title/source/date/plain.” You can choose from pre-made themes in FeedWelder, or create and save your own themes.

Select or create a theme.

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As you add or change these settings, a live preview appears in the right sidebar, so you can see how your mix will look when displayed on your site.

Live preview

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Finally, I clicked the button, “save and get code.”
Save and get code.

This brings up a page with the javascript code that can be copied and pasted into your HTML.

Copy and paste the code into your site.

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After you paste the code into your HTML, the site will update with new stories as they appear in the feeds. If you like, you can go back to FeedWelder anytime to adjust the settings. There is no need to touch the code again, it will update on your page right away.

Another option is to copy a new resulting RSS feed, made from the feeds that were mixed. You can use this in any way you like.
RSS feed from combined feeds

FeedWelder makes it easy to set up pages that are continually feed with new content from feeds that you select.

We also have a keyword filter, in case you would like to filter out stories that contain certain words or only show stories that include certain words.

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