Saved search as a feed

Here’s how to make a feed from a saved search:

  1. Type your search query into For example, type:
    “content curation”
  2. On the results screen in the address bar, erase everything after this part:"content+curation"
  3. Then add this to the URL:

    You’ll end up with this:"content+curation"&format=rss

    Create a mix in FeedWelder with that feed and get the embed code. Your page will now be updated with stories from the latest search results. See below for an example.

Can this be done with a Google search?

Unfortunately, as of this date, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this with Google. (If you find a way, please let me know).

However, there are feeds for Google News searches. After searching, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the RSS icon. That will bring up a feed with a very long URL that you can copy and paste into FeedWelder. FeedWelder will allow you to combine multiple feeds and get embed code to display the output in your web site.

The information below was pulled from a saved search on Bing for “content curation.”